Shrek Wedding

There is such a thing as loving something too much, as in the case of these Shrek fans. Don’t get me wrong, it was a pretty good movie, but…. verdict: not fabulous.

Paul Bellas, 42 and his wife Heidi Coxshall, 30, getting married dressed as Shrek and Princess Fiona. See SWNS story SWSHREK; A wacky couple literally had a fairytale wedding – after tying the knot dressed as SHREK and PRINCESS FIONA. Devoted Paul Bellas, 42, painted himself green and wore monster ears and eyebrows for the movie-themed big day. Bride Heidi Coxshall, 30, dressed as Shrek’s love Princess Fiona for the couple’s wedding – which featured a cast of characters from the animated film. Their four-year-old son Leo dressed as Donkey, Shrek’s best pal, while Heidi’s brother John gave her away as Muffin Man from Shrek 2.