Wedding Dress Made From Burrito Wrappers

Some people will do anything for a free trip to Las Vegas. in this woman’s case, she made a wedding dress out of Taco Bell wrappers for the “Love and Tacos” contest. Of course it went viral, this is the internet, after all.

Diane Nguyen and her fiancé of four years, Nick, are just one of many couples who entered the Love & Tacos competition, which grants the winners a free trip to Vegas and a wedding inside the restaurant. But this couple was clearly in it to win it and took their entry to a whole new level when Nguyen wore a dress made of Taco Bell burrito wrappers.

“IT’S TIME TO VOTE!!!!!!!! We didn’t know until recently that it was our dream to get hitched at a Taco Bell,” she posted on Instagram. “We also didn’t know about this contest until we were out of the country and halfway around the world. With help from our friends and a bit of extra hot glue we got off the plane and immediately scrambled to shoot a photo at our local restaurant before the deadline.”

Creative? Yes. Absolutely Fabulous? No way.

From: People