About Us

Who would have dreamt that three Air Force Wives (yes, AFW…it does double duty) would end up in the same location with complimentary talents such as ours. The three of us were drawn to each other and quickly became friends. The kind of friends that stay up late at night blasting David Bowie at the top of our lungs and eating lots of licorice to keep us going during a long work week. I guess we can’t forget the sugarfree redbull either. After a few meetings, our ambitions to become a part of the wedding industry in our area rapidly formed into a business model that we found no local business currently offered. Could it be we conceived something no one in our area had? Our vision was to provide our brides a “one-stop shop” by offering them three of the most important aspects of their wedding coupled with superior vendor referrals. And we say ‘superior’ because if we are going to strive to reach new heights in this business, we only want to refer the best. With a combined 30 years of experience, we specialize in wedding design, makeup artistry and floral design…..quite the combination right?

.Fabulous FlowersYou may be wondering what ‘wedding design’ really is. Wedding design entails all of the little details. For example, do you have an image in your mind but are unsure with your schedule and resources if you will be able to create that vision? Are you torn between several styles, different venues, what type of dress, spring or fall? Our various experiences working with brides have led us to believe that a lot of brides really aren’t sure how to capture and create the image they want for their big day. Part of what we LOVE is helping our brides to discover their true style and flair. We want to bring out true personality in its raw form.

We truly love weddings. Every aspect and every detail. You’ll find our talents to be a perfect combination of edgy yet classic, modern yet vintage, with a sprinkle of dramatic and a healthy dose of organic. A bit off the beaten path you might say? But then again aren’t all love stories a bit unique? You wouldn’t order your fiance from a menu, so why order your wedding that way? Personalize. Stylize. Mezmorize. Relax, sit back, we promise your day will be nothing short of ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. It’s kinda our thing